COF 750 -process 200 GPH

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner Working Principle

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner operates on the reaction turbine principle. Oil enters the Centrifuge under pressure and passes into the rotor through hollow rotor shaft. The oil pressure and flow is converted in rotational energy as the oil pressure and flow is converted in rotational energy as the oil escapes through the jets, producing speed upto 7000 RPM & above. The resultant Centrifugal force removes dirt from the engine oil depositing it on the inner wall of rotor in dense cake form. Clean oil drains back directly to the engine oil sump by gravity.

• No Replacement Element 
• No Recurring Cost 
• Extended Oil Change Period
• Finest Filtration to 1 µ & below 
• Substantial Savings on Equipment Operating     & Maintenance Expenses

•  Aluminium Wire Drawing
•  Nut/Bolt Forming
•  Cold Forming
•  Gear boxes, Rolling Mills
•  Honing, Reaming, Grinding
•  Cement Mills
•  Turbine Oil, Gear Oil
•  Transmission Oil, Hydraulic Oil
•  Compressor Oil, Test Bed Oils
•  Straight Cutting Oil


Scope of Supply:


Centrifugal Oil Cleaner Model COF 100, can process 200 GPH with 32oz. contaminant holding capability. 0.75 HP Motor with 5.3 GPM Integral Pump, Contactor O/L Relay, MCB, Hour Meter, Service Indication timer with Flasher / Buzzer & Auto Switch off Facility (to automatically switch off the unit after required number of hours),  Pressure Gauge,  Y Strainer, Antivibration mounts (AVM), Suction and Drain Hose, Fasteners etc.

Extra Maintenance Spares:

Centrifuge Rotor O Rings and Cover O Rings, Pump Oil Seal etc


Complete skid mounted unit 

Price: $3,999.99
SKU: COF-750
  • Industrial Centrifugal Oil Cleaner Benefits
  • Fine Contaminant Protection: Reducing Industrial Oil Contamination