Ultimate Force Centrifuge 120V

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Ultimate Force Centrifuge 120V

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Ultimate Force Centrifuge 120V
Rated for Continuous Use
Handles a variety of fluids - Water, diesel, WVO, Motor Oil, Biodiesel, ATF, Gear Oil, etc.
Additional Specs:
Flow Rate: 1-30 gallons/hour (3.8-113.5 liters/hour)
****The slower you feed oil into this style centrifuge (ours or our competitors) the cleaner your oil will be. The longer the oil is in the bowl under centrifugal force the cleaner it will be.****
Unit Height: 20"
Unit Diameter: 23"
Housing Width: 15 1/4"
Housing Depth: 5 1/2"
Bowl Width: 9 1/2"
Bowl Depth: 3"
Oil Feed Fittings: 1/2" hose barb reduced to 1/4" inlet
Drain Hose Fittings: 3/4" hose barb clean oil drain, 1/2" hose barb contaminant oil drain. (hose barbs included)
Leeson 1/3 H.P. 120, 208/230V 60 hz. 1Ph
3450 RPM Rated for Continuous Use
Rated for oil temperature to 400*F
1 Yr. Warranty on motor and parts.

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Ultimate Force Centrifuge for Ultimate Filtration
The Ultimate Force Centrifuge was developed in 2010 to provide excellent filtration at a reasonable price.  After eight plus years on the market, the Ultimate Force has proven to be an exceptional centrifuge filtration unit while still being the lowest priced.  It has one of the largest centrifuge bowls allowing the oil to remain in the bowl longer.  At a 5 GPH flow rate, the oil remains in the bowl under centrifugal force a full six minutes.    
The Ultimate Force Centrifuge is being used to clean waste motor oil, waste vegetable oil, hydraulic fluid, cutting oils, diesel, ATF, biodiesel and algae harvesting, to name a few. 
Removes contaminants and unwanted fluids, processing up to 30 gallons/hour.
Quality, simplicity, and price all in one unit.  
  Quality Aluminum Castings - Custom Leeson Motor    
Gravity Feed - Single Pass - Forced Settling - Continuous Flow    

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